Septic System Care Tips

Do you have a septic tank and wondering how you can maintain it? Septic system care is crucial to ensure that it works properly and lasts longer without problems. Proper and timely septic system maintenance can make it last even for five decades. And no, septic system care doesn’t have to be expensive, and it starts with small habits like keeping unwanted solids out of the drain system. Your septic system comprises the drain pipes, tank, and drain field. Improper care of the septic system can lead to serious septic issues that can halt operations in your home. For instance, clogging due to solids in the pipes can cause wastewater backup. Furthermore, it could cost you thousands of dollars to fix a septic system problem. Below are easy and less costly septic system care tips you should do to keep it working all the time.

Mind the things you flush down the drains

It might sound easy and convenient to flush down solid waste. But, flushing objects down the toilets can block the drainage. Understanding the things to let down through the drainage is ideal for minimizing solids in the septic system.

Avoid flushing paper towels, wipes, hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, and diapers down the toilet. Additionally, avoid a lot of solids in your garbage disposal because they can build up and damage the septic system. Coffee grounds, for instance, create a thick paste that can slow the drainage process or cause clogging. Don’t put egg shells, onion peels, potato peels, solid food scraps, and dry grains in your garbage disposal.

septic system care tips

Avoid using commercial cleaners on your septic system.

What comes to mind every time you have a drain clog is the commercial drain cleaners. Well, commercial drain cleaners can make matters worse, and they contain toxic substances like hydrochloric acid, lye, bleach, and sulphuric acid that can be detrimental to drainage pipes.

Instead of grabbing the commercial products to unclog your drains, you can try homemade cleaning products. Use hot water and vinegar or baking soda and salt to remove clogs. Alternatively, you can have a licensed technician from Casa Grande Septic Service inspect and fix your septic system problems.

Fix plumbing fixtures

Did you know that leaking water pipes and toilets can waste up to 200 gallons of water/day? These amounts of water can strain and damage your septic pipes. Excess water flowing into your septic system can lead to septic tank overload. In this situation, the solid waste won’t settle at the bottom. It moves into the drain field, which builds up and eventually clogs the system.

Typically, the solid waste should end in the lower part of your septic tank, where the bacteria can digest it. Reducing the water flow can create ample time for bacterial activity in the tank. Fix leakages to minimize water wastage and maintain the pipes in good working condition.

Keep your drain field in excellent condition.

The drain field, the leach field, is integral to your septic system. It eliminates organic and biodegradable waste from your septic system, ensuring zero flooding and odors. And like any other part, you should maintain your drain field.

First, ensure that there are no trees close to your drain field. Tree roots can grow into the septic pipes and damage them, causing leakages and drain field flooding. Secondly, avoid parking your car or driving on your drain field.

Water efficiency is vital.

Water efficiency is another one of the crucial septic system care tips. It saves you money and protects your septic tank from overload. Ensure that you use water-efficient fixtures and appliances to reduce the amount of water flowing into the septic system. Get faucet aerators and water-efficient shower heads to control water flow and reduce the volumes that end in the septic system.

Additionally, install toilet models that use less water per flush. Washing machines with the energy star labels can cut water use by half!

Most Important of the Septic System Care Tips: Hire licensed plumbers

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