Septic Tank Facts vs. Myths

Are you facing issues with your septic tank? How much do you know about septic tanks? The information out there about septic tank maintenance can be pretty confusing. And if you take some of that advice without consulting a septic tank professional, you can do more harm than good to your household septic system. In today’s post, we shake the septic tank facts vs. myths so you can make the best decision when it comes to conserving your residential sewer system. 

Myth #1: You don’t need to pump a septic tank that has a healthy colony of bacteria and enzymes.

Septic tank fact: It is vital to pump your septic tank every three to five years to remove the indigestible sludge that could clog the septic system. Avoid adding any septic additives without consulting an experienced septic technician.

Myth #2: You don’t need routine septic checks once you install a septic tank.

Septic tank fact:

If you take this statement by its word, you will be in for a rude shock with your septic tank. Routine septic tank maintenance is a must once you install it. If anything, you need a septic tank technician to do a routine inspection once every three to five years. The frequency of the regular septic tank inspections depends on the size of your household. 

The EPA recommends that each household inspect their septic tank at least every three years and utilize professional septic service.

Routine septic checks are crucial in catching any potential septic problems in the nick of time.

Myth #3: Anything can go down the drains.

Septic tank Fact: No! You don’t flush everything down to your septic tank. The only things that need to go down your drainage are the wastewater and the sewage.

Simple cleaning products like bleach can destroy the septic microbes that break down the solid waste in the tank. The solid waste will build up and cause a complete septic failure.

septic tank facts

Myth #4: A septic tank serves you a lifetime.

Septic tank fact: While you expect a septic tank to last many years, it practically doesn’t last a lifetime. The lifespan of your septic tank depends on how well you maintain it. 

A septic tank that gets a routine inspection cleaning and pumping can last up to 40 years. However, neglecting your septic system can shorten its lifespan, and you may need to install a new one sooner, which is expensive. 

Myth #5: A septic tank with additives doesn’t need any pumping.

Septic tank fact: A healthy and functional septic system has enough bacteria and enzymes to help reduce the solids. However, the bacteria or the enzymes may not break down all the solid matter in the tank. And that is where septic tank pumping and cleaning are the ultimate solutions.

Regular pumping helps eliminate clogs and ensures that your septic tank has a healthy balance of microbes.

Myth #6: Don’t call for septic services unless your septic tank backs up.

Septic tank fact: It may be too late to save your septic tank if you wait until your septic tank fails to call a professional. It would be best if you call your septic service provider as soon as you notice a problem. For instance, if the drainage is not flushing as it should, there is a clog somewhere that needs to be fixed ASAP. Also, if you can’t remember the last time you did pump your septic, it is probably time to ask your septic pumping contractor.

Myth #7: Routine septic maintenance is expensive.

Septic tank fact: Routine inspection is way less costly than repairing a damaged septic tank. What is more? You can curb many issues through an assessment so that you won’t have any septic tank issues. Contact us today to get started.


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