Tackling a Stubborn Drain Clog

You’ve had enough of wastewater backing up to your kitchen sink, bathtub, toilet, or even standing water when you take showers. It is time to find an excellent solution to that stubborn drain clog. So, what or where do you start unclogging a drain? Some clogs can be easy to fix with readily available tools at home, while other stubborn drain clogs may need a professional plumber. Either way, there is always a solution for any blocked drains. And in this article, you’ll learn proven methods for tackling a stubborn clog.

How to know you have a stubborn drain clog?

Clogging is a typical plumbing issue, and it isn’t the one you want to deal with, especially when you’re on a tight schedule.

Yet, it is crucial to handle the clogged drainage before it causes more harm. 

Slow wastewater drainage is the first sign to help you know if you have blocked drainage.

If the sink takes forever to drain, it is a sign that solid debris has blocked the drains.

Another apparent reason you’re stuck with a sewer drain clog is that the toilet produces odd sounds every time you flush it.

Often, you hear a gurgling sound when you let water down the sinks, toilet, washing machine drains, or tub.

Also, a foul odor is a red flag that your drain pipes have a potential plumbing problem.

What causes your sewer drain to clog?

Typically, items that don’t break down or dissolve are the biggest causes of drain clogs.

Food particles, soap, oil, and grease are some of the causes of clogged kitchen drains.

The combination of such debris can create stubborn gunk on the pipe walls.

And the worst part is that they clog with a combination of fat, oil, and grease can build up pretty quickly.

Always ensure that none of those cooking by-products and food waste goes down the drains.

Other causes of clogged drains are hair, animal fur, miniature toys, and non-flushable sanitation products like moistened wipes.

If a non-flushable item goes down the drainage, it traps anything in the pipes and creates a massive clog that blocks the pipes.

tackling a stubborn drain clog

Unclog a stubborn drain clog

Unclogging a stubborn drain clog is achievable, and you can utilize several strategies to clean your sewer drains.

  • Use over-the-counter plumbing tools to unclog the blocked drains.

One of the straightforward and less costly ways to unclog a stubborn drain clog is to utilize plumbing tools available in your home.

You can use a sink plunger to clear your kitchen, tub, or other sinks. Typically, a plunger applies air pressure into the drain pipes, dislodging the debris and forcing the water down the drains.

If you think the clog is deeper into the pipes, you can consider using a plumber’s snake.

This unclogging tool is also known as a cable auger, and it is a flexible steel cable to insert and unclog your drain pipes.

Use a closet auger to unclog your toilets.

  • Clean the drainpipes.

Another seamless way to unclog a drain is to use home products to break down the solids in the drainpipes.

Simple kitchen ingredients like baking soda, lemon, salt, and hot water can help you open up blocked sewer drains.

Sometimes, removing the solids at the stopper can solve the problem.

Contact an experienced plumber for tackling a stubborn drain clog

If you’ve exhausted every method to unblock drainpipes and still have wastewater backing up, it is time to get your plumber.

A pro plumber uses their experience and knowledge to open up drainpipes and remove stubborn drain clogs.

Hire a punctual plumber from Casa Grande Septic Services and say good riddance to drain clogs.


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