Why You Shouldn’t Use Commercial Drain Cleaners

It is that pesky drain clog again! And what happens? You immediately reach out for a convenient remedy to help you fix the blocked drainage. You think of using commercial drain cleaners to unblock your drainage most of the time.

But are these store-bought drain cleaners effective and inexpensive?

Continue reading this article and understand the dangers of commercial drain cleaners before flushing your money down the drain.

Are Drain Cleaners Safe to clean the clogged drains?

These chemicals look like the perfect solution to a nettlesome drain clog. You only need to buy the product from the store, pour down the drains, sit back and let the magic work.

To many, this sounds fast, efficient, and inexpensive unclogging method.

However, there are reasons why you shouldn’t use commercial drain cleaners.

Commercial drain cleaners aren’t as effective as they appear in the ads.

Chemical cleaner advertisements show how fast it works in unclogging your drainage. However, it doesn’t tell you that you will experience another clog pretty soon, and you will have to purchase —most likely— another drain cleaner to eliminate the clogs.

In a nutshell, commercial drain cleaners are harmful chemicals that don’t offer a lasting solution to a stubborn clog.

Instead of identifying the exact location of the plumbing problem in your pipes, it’s a matter of guesswork with drain cleaners.

So, the problem is likely to reoccur soon.

A professional plumber will use excellent tools to locate the problem and offer a long-lasting solution.

Commercial drain cleaners contain toxic chemicals.

The worst thing about these products is that these are toxic chemicals in the form of gel, liquid, powder, etc., that pose extensive damage to your sewer pipes or septic systems.

When you pour these chemicals down your drains, a chemical reaction occurs to eat away the clog.

The chemical reaction is high enough to corrode even the most rigid drain pipe you have, creating another plumbing problem— drain leaks!

Continuous use of these chemical products exposes your pipe seals, walls, caulking, and fittings to harsh chemical reactions corroding it. 

Commercial drain cleaners

Drain cleaners are not eco-friendly.

Most commercial drain cleaners in the market are not environmental-friendly—they contain acids and other poisonous chemicals. The hash chemicals in drain cleaners end up in the septic system, and ultimately it could come in contact with the groundwater. 

Polluted water in our lakes and rivers is a danger to wildlife and humans.

Chemicals pose risks to pets and small children.

The last thing you need is accidents resulting from toxic chemicals in your house. Using these products to unclog your pipes at home is risky, especially when you have children and pets around.

A tiny drop of commercial drain cleaners on your skin can lead to severe skin burns that can leave a scar for life.

You don’t want to imagine the outcome should a child or a pet accidentally consume these toxic drain cleaners.

If the aggressive chemicals come in contact with your eyes, it can lead to vision loss.

Commercial drain cleaners are costly in the long haul.

Sometimes, the cause of clogs in the drains isn’t necessarily solid waste—it could be the roots. And in this case, the drain cleaner isn’t the ideal solution. Using it without evaluating the actual cause of the blockage will do more harm to your pipes. You will have to replace the damaged sewer system in the long haul, which is way costly.

What Harmful Chemicals are in Drain Cleaners?

Most commercial drain cleaners contain hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, lye, or bleach.

These chemicals in drain cleaners are poisonous and can cause burns, metal corrosion, toxic reaction, and material bleaching.

Best and Safe Way to Clean Your Drains

Instead of rushing to the store to get a drain cleaning product, it is best to give Casa Grande Septic Services a call.

Our professional technicians will investigate and establish the actual cause of your clogged drains. Ultimately, you will get a permanent and inexpensive solution to your pesky drain clogs. 


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