Do You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning?

Clean and functional sewer drains make it easy to eliminate wastewater safely from our homes. Depending on the pipe materials, usage and maintenance, drain pipes can last even a lifetime. Drain cleaning is one of the most crucial plumbing maintenance jobs to keep your sewer system in tip-top working condition.  Sadly, drain cleaning is often one thing that sits on the back burner until the last minute. Things can get messy when you can’t get a hold of a last-minute plumber, and here are tale-tell signs of when you need a professional drain cleaning.

What does professional drain cleaning mean?

Professional drain cleaning is a plumbing procedure that aims to eliminate drain clogs and blockages like roots in the pipes. At Casa Grande Septic Services, we use camera surveillance to locate the potential blockage and hydro-jetting to eliminate all the gunk in the drains.

Simply put, we restore clogged drains to pristine conditions.

How to know when you need a professional drain cleaning?

Slow-moving wastewater

Do you have to wait hours for the water in your sinks, tubs, or washing machine to drain completely? Nothing sucks more than standing in a puddle after taking a shower.

The probability is that debris in your drains blocks the wastewater from draining efficiently. And professional drain cleaning is the only reliable solution to remove stubborn plugs in your drains.

Stubborn drain clogs

Are you over the fact that the commercial drain cleaners can’t solve stubborn clogs in your drains? First, commercial drain cleaners may not resolve the drain clogs 100%. Second, these store-bought drain cleaners can be toxic to your pipes, creating more damage.

Professional drain cleaning is your sure bet to tackle stubborn drain clogs. Frequent drain clogs can signify a deep-rooted problem like gunk and residue build-up.

professional drain cleaning in Casa Grande, Arizona

Weird noises from the drains.

Gurgling sounds or weird noises are also some of the tale-tell signs that you need to contact a professional drain cleaner.

Often, your sinks will appear to drain the wastewater without issues despite producing weird gurgling sounds. This makes it hard to know if a plumbing problem is waiting to explode.

These strange noises result from the gunk in your drains, creating bubbles as the wastewater escapes through the pipes’ narrow space.

Hire a professional plumber to evaluate the drains before it becomes a significant plumbing issue.

Bad smell

A foul odor is another significant red flag that your drains are about to shut down. Wastewater is a combination of organic waste which breaks down in the presence of bacteria. 

When the solids get trapped in the drains, they break down, releasing the foul odor that comes back into your house.

If you don’t correct the problem right away, the waste builds up over time. It ultimately blocks the drainage leading to sewer backup.

Don’t wait another day to consult a plumber once you experience a bad smell in your sinks and other drainage spots.

Your DIY drain cleaning doesn’t work.

Many times, simple home hacks can help resolve a plumbing problem. One popular DIY home hack to clean drains is hot water, baking soda, and vinegar. These homemade and safe products can help dislodge some gunk in the drains.

The drain problem is significant if these DIY hacks don’t work anymore. It might need efficient equipment and technology to resolve it.

Sign up for professional drain cleaning if your cleaning methods don’t work anymore.

How often should you do a professional drain clean?

There is no one-size cut for when you should hire a professional to clean your drains. However, routine weekly and monthly DIY drain cleaning, yearly inspection, and cleaning can help curb any potential plumbing problems.

Do you need a professional drain cleaning?

Casa Grande Septic Service is your go-to for professional drain cleaning. Contact us for top-bar draining cleaning services.


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