What is Hydrojetting and Do I Need It?

Are you experiencing slow-moving drains? If your gutters can’t eliminate the wastewater as they should, it means that there are huge chunks of debris blocking the drains. These clogs can be pretty tough to eliminate in worst-case scenarios unless you engage a specialist plumber. A professional plumbing technician can assess the drainage situation and help unclog your drainage using cutting-edge equipment. For instance, if build-up clogs are slowing down your drains, a plumber can use hydro jetting or snaking to break down and remove the solids in the drainage pipes. So what is hydrojetting, and do you need it?

What is hydrojetting?

Hydro jetting is a process of using high-pressure jet water to dislodge tough debris in pipes.

A professional plumber uses hydro jetting because it effectively cleans up clogged pipes.

The intense pressure from the high-velocity water is high enough to push down the debris so the wastewater can drain effortlessly.

It is not advisable that your DIY hydro jetting because it can easily damage your drainage resulting in more plumbing issues.

As expert plumbers, we first do camera surveillance to identify the clogs blocking your pipes.

Once we identify the issue, we apply the most effective and efficient unblocking strategy like hydrojetting.

Hydrojetting is the ultimate solution to clean out stubborn waste solids in the drains.

Benefits of hydro jetting

Efficient and effective.

Hydro jetting, unlike other methods, is efficient and effective in removing stubborn debris in drains.

If you have had enough of flushing down chemicals in hopes of unclogging your drains, hydrojetting is your solution.

The power pressure is adequate and cleans the pipe walls effectively. 

Additionally, hydrojetting can eliminate just about any residue and ensure thorough cleaning of your drainage system.


Another benefit of hydrojetting is that there are no chemicals during the process. Your plumber will sure high-pressure water only to clean up the drains.

And this means that there will be no toxic chemicals going down the drains. 

Ultimately, there will be no damage to the soil and groundwater when you apply hydrojetting.

Hydrojetting is cheaper.

If you compare it with other plumbing solutions, you will realize that hydro jetting is affordable and effective.

You will not need any complex and invasive plumbing solution to unclog blocked drains.


You can use hydrojetting to unclog residential or commercial drains. So if you are stuck with a clogged drain that no snaking or chemical cleaners can help, you can be confident that hydrojetting is effective. 

Also, hydrojetting can prevent clogging for a long time so that you can enjoy a functional drainage system for quite a while.

what is hydrojetting and do I need it?

Is hydrojetting better than snaking?

Hydro jetting and snaking are methods you can use to clean clogged drains.

However, snaking is not as effective as hydro jetting in cleaning tough debris.

Snaking breaks apart solids but can’t get them off the pipes. 

Hydro jetting eliminates residue to the last bits and leaves the drain squeaky clean.

Some of the waste you can eliminate with hydro jetting include food waste, grease, mineral deposits, silt, tree roots, hair clogs, and much more.

Snaking is ideal for removing soft clogs sitting around 15 feet down the drainage.

How often do you need hydro jetting?

You need to consider hydrojetting if your drainage backs up frequently.

Also, if a plunger or cleaning chemicals can’t resolve your drainage problem, it means that your pipe walls are full of harsh residue.

Another reason to consider hydro jetting is when your drains produce a terrible odor. 

You can also request a hydro jetting service as a preventive measure to help your drains function well.

Cost of hydro jetting

The cost of hydrojetting depends on the severity of the clogging, and it can be anywhere from $300 to $1000 going upwards.

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