Why Septic Maintenance is so Important

Do you conduct regular septic maintenance? According to EPA, as an average household, you should do a septic inspection every three years at the minimum. And that is just one way of keeping your septic system in excellent condition. Understanding why septic maintenance is so important will help you ensure you take care of your system.

If you didn’t know, the septic is the underground tank that holds and treats your household’s wastewater. It is a crucial component of your house, and it ensures that your household’s sanitation is in check. 

However, it is pretty easy to forget about a septic tank since it is often out of sight. 

Unless a sewage backup happens, chances are you will forget to maintain your septic regularly. 

As the leading septic service provider, we advise you to keep your septic system in good condition for the following reasons.

1. Keeping your septic system maintained saves you money.

If your septic systems fail today and the sewer water starts to back up, you will have no option but to hire a septic service contractor to fix it ASAP. And that means you will have to shell out money regardless of the cost. 

Maintaining your septic system ensures that you minimize the risks of damage, and hence you will save on repair and installation costs.

Leaving your septic without maintenance for long could lead to severe damage that can require you to build new septic—which costs thousands of money.

Subscribing to a routine septic inspection at a small fee is the best idea and worth the money.

2. Septic Maintenance protects the environment.

Lack of regular septic pumping and maintenance can lead to blockages which may cause the wastewater to back up. Also, if your septic tank overfills, the untreated sewage will seep into your yard hence creating an awful sight.

Additionally, if the untreated sewage water infiltrates the groundwaters and wells, it can pose hazardous risks to you and others. Regular unclogging and treatment of your septic tank helps mitigate environmental risks and eliminating awful odors. 

3. Maintenance of your septic system ensures that your septic lasts longer.

Ideally, a septic tank should last for decades, depending on the type of system you install. However, lack of proper maintenance can shorten its longevity, and you may have to install a brand new one.

Septic system failure can be a pain in the neck. However, if you take care of your septic system, it will ensure that you have an excellent plumping flow for many decades to come. 

4. Septic maintenance helps avoid sewage backup.

The most stressful thing is to wake up to a complete wastewater backup. In addition, septic failure can render your house property inhabitable, which means you may have to find an alternative place until you fix the septic system. 

And often, a septic backup is due to clogging and lack of enough bacteria to break down the waste. 

Routine maintenance of your sewage system ensures that no waste materials are blocking the septic pipes and there is enough colony of bacteria to break down solid waste matter. 

5. Septic system maintenance can boost your property’s curb appeal.

One of the ideal ways to improve your house’s aesthetics is to keep your septic tank in excellent shape. Areas dump with wastewater can be an eyesore not only to you but to the entire community. 

And with a failing septic system, chances are the property value may drop, too. On the other hand, a beautiful yard and a functioning septic tank can b a sweet spot for a home buyer, and that means it can boost the price value of your home.

How do you ensure proper septic system maintenance?

Ways of maintaining your septic include hiring a septic service provider for a regular check-up and putting efforts to avoid overloading your septic tank. In addition, ensure that you use water efficiently, avoid flushing down solid waste and grease, and maintain your drain field.


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