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Casa Grande Pumping Service Inc.

Casa Grande Pumping Service Inc. is a septic tank pumping and cleaning service company. We have been serving Greater Pinal County and Casa Grande, AZ since 1953. Family owned and operated, we offer 24/7 services to residential, commercial, and industrial septic system concerns. We also have an ADEQ certified inspector if you need septic inspections and repair. We also offer our complete and full service of Portable Toilets Rent A Can service throughout the Pinal County areas

Electronice Location Services:

Sewer Line Camera Service

Camera line inspections save time and money by visually identifying and locating troubled spots in sewer lines. Our sewer camera that goes through the sewer line and performs the sewer scope has a built in transmitter that allows us to exactly locate the direction and depth of the pipe. With this information we can locate issues or problems areas. Having a Camera Service is a real time live view of the inside of your sewer pipes through the use of a video camera attached to the end of the snake-like device. We recommend and request that you be there with us while we locate and view your sewer line so you can see for yourself the condition of your sewer pipe. Sewer camera inspections are the key in determining the source of the stoppage. Need to locate a sewer line or septic line? Sewer Line Camera can do this for you without making a mess of your yard.

Sewer Camera Service can aid in troubleshooting:

Sewer backups and drainage problems

Root invasions

Broken Pipe(s)

Grease Buildup

Debris In Flow LineĀ 

Casa Grande Septic Service will help you identify the cause of your sewer problems and offer solutions to remedy the situation. All of our technicians are trained to be able to identify roots, breaks and offsets that are all common causes of stoppages on sewer lines. Identifying these issues will be the key to our recommendations for repair or replacement.